[Resolved] Fortis Healthcare — complaining about dr sujata dutta

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Hello whosoever it may concern,

My uhid is 245140 with fortis anandapur.

Me and my family are/were loyal comsumer/visitor/patient of fortis anandapur since last few years. But recent circumstance that i have faced with fortis in house doctor sujata dutta has forced me to change my doctor and preference of hospital. Infact doctor vineeta kaul too is no different.

They are blood suckers in name of doctors..!

I was admitted on 2nd february 2018 with uti and then was revealed that i was 5 weeks pregnant. Dr shibabrata banerjee was one of the best doctor with immense patience and polite behavior took my case. Under him/his reference dr sujata dutta was being involved in my case.

Since 2nd february 2018 to 29th june 2018 i have visited the doctor multiple number of times for consultation and have done all tests from fortis all through out my pregnancy. When i was 7 months pregnant she all of a sudden behaved as if i am a new patient inspite of the records that my recent visit to her was just10 days back for consultation.

She states on 29th june 2018 that i have complications which she cant handle and she does not know who referred her to me. She unethically demands 1.35 lakhs in cash to do c section as she can not do in tpa package that i have with my employer (Tcs). After 7 months she put us in such a position that no doctor was ready to take up my case and my diagonosis went for a toss. After that i visited dr vineeta kaul who is also associated with fortis who also demanded 25000 cash extra on top of tpa package atleast she was kind enough not to hang us for long and misguide us unlike sujata dutta.

I have been visiting all the doctors from fortis all this while like dr sibabrata banerjee for medicine, dr kalyan gangopadhaye for gestational diabetes but never faced such a mean inhumane behavior from any of them.

I received a call from maternity department 2 weeks back and was advised to send an email with the incident details so as an action can be taken and they did not want to loose the business.

Therefore if anything can be done then please take some action as i am now 8 months pregnant and do not have much time, which i am least expecting you will do. Call me at [protected]/[protected] for further details.

Sneha das

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