[Resolved] Fortis Healthcare — harassment

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My father in law was admitted on 24th sept 2019 in bannerghatta fortis hospital. The management is so pathetic here that even though doctor advised to get discharged, official did not allow to get discharged until certain time. It's complete patient harassment.

Here is my experience:
1. Father in law was admitted in general ward for drowsiness and low platelet count on 24th sept
2. After 2 days of diagnosis, they found platelets are low because of existing lever issue.
3. On 26th sept night my father in law was informed my duty nurse that father in law will be discharged tomorrow morning (27th sept)
4. I visited hospital on 27th around 10:30am, asked on duty nurse about the discharge procedure. She said it's initiated already.
5. I went to floor manager to enquire about the discharge intimation. He asked iif it is through insurance or cash?
6. After hearing my response (Insurance), he said he wants another doctors opinion. I got frustrated then still kept my calm
7. After few minutes junior doctor came and i asked him if dr anil advised to discharge. Junior doctor confirmed the advisory.
8. I did not understand how any official can hold a patient with some lame excuse to pocket money for the hospital just because it's from insurance.
9. I asked him (Manjunath) to check with doctor again, he confirmed it will take time and ended up in a heated argument with that as he was not providing any timeline when the discharge will happen.
10. Later he agreed to start the intimation by 1:00pm today. How on earth you only think about your own business.

When you inform a patient that you will be discharged in the morning. He is mentally prepared and happy state of mind. Then you do these things to make money for hospital and start harassing patient and it's attendant. This type of behavior is completely unacceptable.in last 3 days, i have witnessed that doctors visit is very irreular, nurses don't know where is doctor. I, myself have seen cardiologist was not there for entire one day and nurses had no clue where the doctor is as he was not picking up the phone.

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