[Resolved] Fortis Healthcare — Misbehaving pharmacist

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I want to complain against a pharmacist who sits in fortis healthcare chemist shop/ outlet in B-10 market, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. I had gone there with my mother to purchase medicines. After computing the total amount on machine n packing the medicines the pharmacist told us the amount to be Rs. 466. On giving him a Rs 500 note (old currency), he said give me a copy of your ID. On hearing this, the immediate and reasonable response from our side was that other chemist shops like Apollo r not asking for id proof for 500 rupee purchace then y needed here. He said we r taking. On hearing this we asked politely where should we get the photocopy from. His reply was "dhanyawaad aap jaaiye" . On this my mother said that had u told us properly in a reasonable manner n tone, I would have given you change also, to which he arrogantly said "dhanyawaad" again. We left thereafter. This is highly disappointing. Even though I don't hav a membership card but Over the years, I have been going to your chemist shop in b-10 to buy medicines n other products. As it is people are facing problems due to economic emergency. We understand if your pharmacists have been directed to take Id proofs but there is a proper channel to inform people for example sticking a paper near cash counter saying that we r accepting old notes provided a copy of ID is submitted, so that we can take the copy beforehand n then give it at time of billing. He told us this after computing the total amount on his machine. N even if he has not adopted this method, he can always tell the customers properly which he didn't. Please take notice of this incident so that incontinence is not caused to others.

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