[Resolved] Fortis Healthcare — overcharged and wrong ultrasound report at fortis shalimar bagh

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I was admitted on 24/09/2018 and discharge on 25/09/2018.
There first of i was taken for ultrasound where there was no organised system ipd patients and opd patients both were in the same que and despite being ipd patient i had to stand there for 15 minutes as there was not vacant sitting place.
2. The ultrasound was done in so hurry that the report is 100% wrong as after discharge i had a pain in my enguinal area and went for ultrasound at shalimar diagnostic where i was diagnose with hernia.
3. I have been overcharged by sending an 2 times the price for echo where as the echo wash done only once. But my in mediclaim only ontime has been given.

My uid is i00701422

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