[Resolved] Fortis Healthcare — Pay back four lakhs

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Respected sir I m thankful to fortis escorts dehradun to save my husbands life on 4 april he was admitted blockages were removed he was ok but doctors told us icd was utmoust necessary for him before removal of blockages we were given10 for decision of putting icd but icd was not implanted my husband was normal.april on 12 april doctor implanted icd and released us on 14april later on with all precuations a month after stitches were dried abluish mark appeared from manchine implantation site doctorr said icd will be removed it is not suiting u
please clarify to me on which basis icd was implanted just saying heart manchine which costed 4lakh is not suiting ur body justified .
atleast its doctors duty to see that manchine does not harm the patient
my husband was in pain manchine was creating scar leading to serve pus and pain
then we refered our case to senoir most cardiologist after having reports checked we were advised for ECHO in which my husband reports were normal doctor asked us to remove icd . on 15july icd was removed which costed 4 lakhs is with fortis escorts I want my money back I had to sell my jewellary to pay back my loan amount
Even the manchine icd registration form is filled with wrong date by the doctor on remiding him he says it does not matter please do the needful

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