[Resolved] Fortis Healthcare — Walk-in – Doctor/Staff guests gets priority

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Dear Fortis Team,
Today I went to see Dr. Shankar (ENT Specialist) at your Chennai Hospital. This is my first time visit to Fortis. I am having severe pain in my left ear and went in between my work to see the Doctor. I paid Rs 600 including Rs 100 Registration fees. The staff informed me that there are 3 patients before me. I waited for more than an hour and noticed that people coming after me are allowed to see the Doctor. I also noticed that they did not pay any fees at the counter and were directly going and seeing the Doctor.
I also raised the concern with Mrs. Lakshmi and she could not do anything regarding this. It looks like the staff's guest get the priority. I then approached Mr. Joseph and he helped me in refunding my Rs 600.
I took some time off from work and had a very bad experience with your staff service. I will never advise Fortis Malar Hospital to anyone as this is the worst service I have ever seen in such a reputed hospital. Your staff just wasted my time and after all the travel, I'm still in lot of pain and searching for another hospital.

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