Franch Express Courier — Unethical behaviour courier delivery person

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My Dad send me a courier via Franch Express Courier. It arrived Chennai on 02.05.2017. The delivery boy came to the exact spot and that time I am not available. I called that person and request him to delivery it in my work place (It's only take few minutes from the address mentioned in the courier). He agreed and told me to delivery it on 03.05.2017.

But on 03.05.2017, he called me and told that your courier was ready to dispatch and I am near to the Hostel. I asked him that, the you told me to deliver in my work place but why are you there. He told me that that is our designation and I cant come there.

So I told him that, its ok wait for 2 mins I will come and receive. But he replied that IF YOU BRING ME THE LUNCH AND I WILL WAIT (SARCASTICALLY).

I immediately disconnected the call and ask my friend to receive the courier because I m in my work place. So I cant leave that time. And I again called him that my friend receive the courier. Immediately he replied that I cant give like that I only deliver to you. So I asked what can I do? He tell me that ask your father to go to where he sent the courier and tell them to spoke to my head office, they will contact my branch and if they tell me I will give it to your friend! like that he said.

Till now I did not received my courier.

Is this the way of behavior?

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