Hi All,

I became a customer of Franchise India a year ago and can confidently say that it is truly a FRAUDULENT company. I have a property in Rajasthan and they promised me that they will lease it out to some big shot brand within no time. Convinced by their big promises, I made an advance payment of 60,000 rupees. It has been a year now and I still havent gotten a SINGLE SITE VISIT from them. I have repeatedly contacted Mr. Gaurav Marya to reimburse my payment as clearly nothing was done for me. He kept giving assurance initially and now simply ignores all my phone calls. Similar goes with his staff Mr. Anis who talk as if they have a pole up their…

I am ashamed to admit that I fell trap to such FRAUDSTERS. But hoping this message would reach far and wide so all investors can beware of their ill agendas.

And if this message somehow reaches the promoters, remember..you can never ever prosper with STOLEN MONEY. It will come right back at you and bite you in some form or the other, be it wealth, health or relationships!

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