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Franchise India — non receipt of payment

YEHMAIL August Newsletter, Sucess of Yehmail
S. No. Project Name No. of Seats Booked Seats 1. Pdf to Doc 200 200 Successful 7 month 2. Form Filling (80/- INR ) 160 160 Started Successfully 3. Form Filling (100/- INR) 80 80 Running 4. Pdf to HTML 120 60 Running 5. Inbound 8 8 Running

REspected Sir,

Kindly Read THis Mail Fully and Help Me Very Important to me and for more persons. Yehmail Has Got Grants FRom USD Company As per THis Letter DT 01.08.09 THe SAme Iam SEnding to you Kindly see This press Release And If possible kindly let me Know the Correct of that company which sanctioned GRants to this Yehmail AS this company has Cheated Many of indian's By not paying Amount To Be paid


PRLog (Press Release) – Aug 01, 2009 – YEHMAIL …….. GO4PROJECTS.COM
Think Ahead… Think Global……



Bombshell from Black Hat: Almost All Implementations Of SSL Are Configured To Give Up Everything
Think your implementation of SSL is secure? Think again
SAP Demos Commitment to Business ByDesign
Enhancements and testing of the software-as-a-service suite indicate that SAP intends to make the offering more broadly available next year

UBI Automates Enterprise-wide Security Enforcement
Ever since Union Bank of India automated its enterprise-wide security enforcement, the bank can manage security policies across 20,000 of its machines from a central location, a first for any public sector bank in India

Google Chrome OS: Web Platform To Rule Them All
With Chrome OS, Google aims to make the Web the primary platform for software development
Adobe updates Acrobat, Reader with security improvements 

NASA, Booz Allen Hamilton find treasure in social networking

UP Govt Partners with HCL for e-job Initiative

Fake Security Software Steals $34 Million Monthly

Microsoft, Yahoo Said To Close Search Deal

Microsoft Unveils Security Tools, Resources At Black Hat

Oracle To Buy Data Integration Vendor GoldenGate

Enzen Global Solutions Introduces ERP Solution for the Power Sector in India

Microsoft India Introduces Online Services


YEHMAIL Launches Search Engine.

Outsourcing contracts won by Indian companies

Even in a recession hit market where clients are cutting outsourcing budgets, Indian firms such as TCS, Infy, Wipro, HCL, YEHMAIL, FUTURE TECHNOLOGIES and Tata Communications have won large outsourcing deals this year placing them among the top 100 global service providers , on contract value terms. Even though the total contract value of awarded outsourcing deals fell by 38 percent to USD60.2 billion in the first six months of this year, Indian tech firms continued to compete neck and neck with the global biggies such as IBM, Accenture, HP/EDS, CSC, shows data from TPI. TPI is the largest sourcing data and advisory firm and measures commercial outsourcing contracts valued at USD25 million or more. YEHMAIL Limited, UK seems to get major outsourcing contracts for Asia Pacific.
Indian firms dominated the information technology outsourcing ITO segment USD38.2 billion split into application, development and maintenance ADM and infrastructure segments and offshore software development.
Among the desi firms, the top deal winners were Cognizant, Infosys, HCL, TCS, Future Technologies and Wipro featuring in the ADM section. HCL and Wipro were again listed among the top 10 infrastructure deal winners, TPI said.


S. No. Project Name No. of Seats Booked Seats Status
1. Pdf to Doc 200 200 Successful Running 6 Billing
2. Online Form Filling (80/- INR ) 160 160 Started Successfully
3. Online Form Filling (100/- INR or 2 $) 80 80 In Progress
4. Pdf to HTML 120 60 In Progress
5. Inbound  8 8 Started

Web Site & Software Project:
Project Budget  Status
Search Engine 7600 $ available
Website: Space Research Lab 1600 $ available
Artificial software 3600 $ available
Electronics Circuit Design and PCB design software 3200 $ available

S. No. Project Name Start Up time Payout  Up- front + Consultancy
1 Accounting Process 15 Days after sign up 4 $ per hour 40,000 $
2 Out- Bound Process 15 Days after sign up 40 % Commission Commission
3 FORM FILLING 7 Days after sign up 40/- INR or 2.5 $ 3,00,000/- + Monthly 1,50,000/-
4 Pdf to Doc 7 days after sign up 15/- INR 1,00,000/- with Monthly Deduction 20,000
5 Form Filling 8 Days 20/- INR Upfront 1,00,000/- +monthly 30,000/- INR
Aug Projects 2009
1. Software Project: Artificial Intelligence Software
2. Technical Help Desk Project
3. Outbound Call Centre Project
4. BPO Project: DATA Capturing

YEHMAIL Won the contract of R & D on Cyber Research and Crime Prevention Technology of the CYBER RESEARCH LABS.

Captioning Service
Pre-Qualification are invited for provision of CAPTIONING SERVICES
United States of America
07 Aug 2009
Fire and Emergency Services Records Management and Reporting
RFQ are invited for Fire and Emergency Services Records Management and Reporting
United States of America
10 Aug 2009
Data-processing services.
RFQ are invited for Eligibility in the Local Context (ELC) Processing Services
United States of America
14 Aug 2009
Information technology services
RFQ are invited for information technology services
United Kingdom
10 Aug 2009
Data-processing services
RFQ are invited for data-processing services
United Kingdom
17 Aug 2009
Provision of Metering Data Services.
RFQ are invited for data services
United Kingdom
31 Aug 2009
Computer-related services
Procurement forecast for computer-related services
United Kingdom
25 Aug 2009
Software package and information systems
Procurement forecast for software package and information systems
United Kingdom
07 Aug 2009
Data services
Procurement forecast for data services
United Kingdom
12 Aug 2009
UK-Watford: data-processing services
UK-Watford: data-processing services
United Kingdom
28 Aug 2009
UK-London: data-processing services
UK-London: data-processing services
United Kingdom
24 Aug 2009
UK-Edinburgh: data-processing services
UK-Edinburgh: data-processing services
United Kingdom
17 Aug 2009
UK-Leicester: data-processing services.
UK-Leicester: data-processing services.
United Kingdom
16 Aug 2009
LT-Vilnius: data-processing services
LT-Vilnius: data-processing services
United Kingdom
26 Aug 2009
Provision of Vehicle Route Planning Software.
Tenders are invited for software package and information systems
United Kingdom
24 Aug 2009

YEHMAIL Launches Health Portal
This portal is artificial intelligence based health management system. The major feature of the portal is that, it can predict the disease of the individual based on symptoms.

Major features of the portal:
1. Symptoms based Disease prediction system
2. Complete health record management system
3. Consultancy over health and hospital related issue
4. Medical tourism
5. Appointment with Specialist
6. 24*7*365 Call Center for UK and USA
7. Launch in INDIA
8. Panel of Doctors
9. Complete Coverage with Allopathy, Homeopathy, and Aurveda
10. Dietary chart and Health Calculators
11. Travel Alerts
12. Daily Health tips
13. Medical card preparation and online recharge of card
Lots more

YEHMAIL Wins Outsourcing Contract of database development of TRAVEL PROCESS, and Directory.
YEHMAIL Limited, UK wins the contract o[censored]SD 2 bn of two Database development process with Purple Online. The two processes are TRAVEL PROCESS and DIRECTORY Development.

YEHMAIL Establishes their LPO at Jaipur, INDIA.

YEHMAIL Plan to put their Health Center in Every State. RFQ invited for the Health Center


YEHMAIL School Management Software Basic Module 300 $
YEHMAIL Hospital ERP… BASIC Module 1000 $
Web Accounting Software ….. BASIC module 2000 $
YEHMAIL LAUNCHES X Desktop and Web Based OS. License Fees start from 200 $
YEHMAIL launches web based security cams.
YEHMAIL launches new western outlet clothes series with SWIM SUIT and LINGERIES.
YEHMAIL, starts working with medical instruments and start developing the standards of the Instruments with calibration LAB.
Online education segment starts working under the name of WEBEDUCATIONHUB.

We would like to have comment on our effort of newsletter at [protected]


Please Look in to the matter and help me please as this is very important to me

Thanking You,

A.Prasad Reddy

Franchise India Holdings Ltd. — full and final settlement

Dear All,

I had been employed as Assistant Manager with Franchise India Property a division of Franchise India Holdings Ltd., having their corporate office at F-89/11, Ist Floor, Okhla Phase-1, New Delhi-20. I resigned form the job on 16th of July 2010 with an approval from Business Head of the division but after 4 months my full and final settlement(which is salary of one month) is still due and i am not getting any revert from Employer's side. I had written email to the Business Head and to President of the company as well but did not get any reply of both the email. They people do not pick my calls and i do not have any idea about what to do now.

May i have suggestions over this, so that i can sort the matter as soon as possible.

Akash Singhal
akki22.[protected] — not receiving magazines

I attended Franchise exhibition in hyderabad on 26ht feb 2001, entry fee is rs 300 which inludes 1 yr subscription for anyone of thier magazines, i opted for The Franchising World magazine. I was supposed to get magazine from march 2011 but till date i did not get a single letter from the company.

This way i guess company is cheating many innocent people in the name of exhibition and making lot of money may be in crores across the country, because company is organizing 1 exhibition every one and cheating innocente people like me.

Franchise India Holdings Limited — levelling of false accusation of moral turpitude

Dear Sir,

Please be advised that this mail is being sent in furtherance of two earlier mails, which were in relation to the false accusations which leveled baseless charges against the President of our company, Mr. daurav Marya and were in outcome of a shrewd, malicious which adopts various Psedo names and alias like Vipin Sisodia and Ramya from Hyderabad this time.

We have lodged a complaint with the Cyber Crime Cell of Delhi Police vide number D 7919 Dated 29th June 2011.

And they have assured a quick response and help in tracing out this culprit.

Sachin Marya
Franchise India Holdings Limited

Franchise India — full & final settlement pending-franchise india

This is to inform all patrons that there is a huge scandal going on within Franchise India Holdings Ltd & all group companies of Gaurav Marya & Sachin Marya.

This organisation is just hungry for business revenue and not at all concerned for employees or their clients.

This company charges huge amount in terms of service charge and gives the same or similar material in terms of service.The customers are not aware about this.

There are many instances where they have recruited employees like me and not even given the basic things like appointment letter,visiting cards,etc.They wait for 2-3 months so that they are assured wether the employee would stick with them.

The entire process including business plans is a big upset.

There is not even an acccount opened for employees nor they get their salaries on time.
They have not even paid me salary for 3 months and have asked to return the mobile which was not even provided by them.No full and final settlement was done once left.

Kindly ensure to relate yourself with companies and people like these.

Franchise India — false commitments and fraud company

Franchise India has done the aggrement with our company Brahma Gems M/s aarush gems pvt. ltd.
It has been more than one year and till today the response is zero the compnay is not ready to reply to my mails or calls.
Despite of my several mail s and calls no action has been taken against my compliant.
Its been more than a year our company has paid sum of Rs.5 lakh to franchise india. Till today your company is not able to organize even a single meeting.

We are now in a process of filling a legal case against the company.

Franchise India — Fraud

Hi All,

I became a customer of Franchise India a year ago and can confidently say that it is truly a FRAUDULENT company. I have a property in Rajasthan and they promised me that they will lease it out to some big shot brand within no time. Convinced by their big promises, I made an advance payment of 60,000 rupees. It has been a year now and I still havent gotten a SINGLE SITE VISIT from them. I have repeatedly contacted Mr. Gaurav Marya to reimburse my payment as clearly nothing was done for me. He kept giving assurance initially and now simply ignores all my phone calls. Similar goes with his staff Mr. Anis who talk as if they have a pole up their…

I am ashamed to admit that I fell trap to such FRAUDSTERS. But hoping this message would reach far and wide so all investors can beware of their ill agendas.

And if this message somehow reaches the promoters, can never ever prosper with STOLEN MONEY. It will come right back at you and bite you in some form or the other, be it wealth, health or relationships!

FranchiseIndia — Looting the budding entrepreneurs

They are the most unprofessional company I have ever faced. Their sales team makes falls promises, showcases exclusive franchising rights for the most reputed brands in the market in all sectors and traps people for registration looting a handsome amount of Rs. 17000. They take this money stating that we will create your profile and send it to various brands and since you want to start-up a business its a very small amount. Once you are trapped, they don't even call you for a month, stating their team is busy. Now, they allot a CRM to you who is not at all aware about the brands you were promised in delhi region. They would shamelessly inform you that sales guys don't have info, these brands are not available in Delhi. If you want, you can look for locations like sonipat, panipat, karnal etc. After immense disgust, if you ask okay let me have a meeting with the brand for those far off locations, they would shamelessly tell you, let us contact the brand and they would not return for months. If you try to tell the CRM what was promised to you, beware they might get angry. Its been more than a year, they never made any profile or made my site visit.
Their sales person Aditya will never pick your call again. Their CRM's are most unprofessional and their VP Priyanka is least concerned and topibaj.
I would urge all budding entrepreneurs not to fall in their trap, eg if you want educational brands they would say they are not available in delhi after signup. After an year or if they have the mood, they would google very new brands in delhi who are doing SEO and send you the names that these are available. Even if you ask arrange a meeting with these startup/unknown brands, they would never get back to you as they have not taken their service. Biggest looters, they loot these brands as well as many people shared their experiences, sell them false promises we will make you big and expand your business by franchizing and once they give registration fees they don't contact back.
Beware aspiring entrepreneurs
Ashish Bhardwaj

Franchise India — Refund of 15,000/- Rs. paid to towards securing loan

I have approached franchisee india for securing loan of 15 lakhs, based on the interaction with Mr. Robit Gupta i had submitted all the documents while orally he has agreed to refund in case the loan doesn't get sanctioned, since franchisee india is a reputed firm i was sure that they will follow whatever they said.
I have paid them Rs.15000/- which was supposed to be refunded, now they are denying that they will not refund the money, there hasn't been any document signed by me as a proof of fee to be paid. Since the loan was not sanctioned they should ideally refund, if they would have secured the loan they can collect the charges.
I have interacted with Mr. Rajendar, Robit gupta both are now denying i want to claim my money back please help me.

Refund of 15,000/- Rs. paid to towards securing loan