Franchise India Holdings — lost 40 lakh investing with franchise india holdings limited

Fraud company
Pls read all reviews with complaint board, they have legal court cases as well
Stay away from dere humble offers on phone, internet, exhibitions, newspapers
I suffered with 40 lakh rupees loss with dere restaurant project in past 5-6 months.
They make false promises of sales in business and will first get you in
Step 1 franchise fees agreement and royalty agreement

Step2 they will make you invest in project and not support for business sales (Not supportive team from franchise india holidings limited)

Step3 by the time you turn into losses they will offer you4- 6% franchise owned company operated model where you get 6% of sales as your project is already under huge loss henceforth you have no option and you do not want to invest more so either you will agree to dere option or close the project and suffer losses

Stay away from them pls, i lost 40 lakh because of investing with g

I hope that there all company shut down soon under indian govt legal license

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