— worst customer service and fake information provided

I'm just fed up of this website and its customer care employees. I took its membership almost a month ago and you people have not been able to provide me with one information.
I use my credits and the details provided by your site is are fake, most of the times the number does not exist or is switched off or is put on call forwarding. I try to call my representative who asked me to join this website and said will help in every possible way but he never responds to my call, i have almost dialled 30 40 times, this is just unacceptable. You people think that we customers are stupid but not this one. I'll be approaching cyber cell in delhi, if needed i'll report to consumer forum as well and make sure that you people don't leverage more people by saying fake # and making fake promises.
I request a refund for the membership amount i have paid and just want to be reimbursed for the time they have wasted of mine.

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